BUENOS AIRES: Introduction

On the plane to Buenos Aires

We treated ourselves with a plane ticket from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires as the flight we found on the web through Lan Airlines wasn’t much more expensive than a bus ticket and, after the 2 nights we spent on buses getting to Iguazu, choosing between a 90 minute flight and a 19 hour bus journey was a no brainer! We also decided that we’d base ourselves in Buenos Aires for a while as we had changed locations quite a bit in the previous few weeks.  In the end we stayed in BA for more than 3 weeks…

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The long way to IGUAZU FALLS

Iguazu Falls

17 hours on a bus is a long time… even for an overnight trip where most people usually sleep through the journey but there’s always a few that can’t… and, in this case, I was one of them. Since Ian is well known for his love of choosing a window seat to enjoy the view and magically falling asleep shortly after departing, I was once again left alone with a long night ahead and no one to talk to…

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Quick in & out: SAO PAULO

Sao Paulo

When we decided to use Sao Paulo as just a stopover, we weren’t sure if we had made the right decision. Between our bus from Paraty and the bus to Iguazu that evening, we had a few hours to get out and explore the city.

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PARATY and TRINDADE: Goodbye to the Brazilian beaches


Still feeling sad from having to leave Ilha Grande so soon, we took the ferry back to Angra Dos Rios and jumped on a bus to Paraty. After the 2 hour bus ride along the picturesque Brazilian coastline we arrived in Paraty’s bus terminal without having any accommodation sorted. The internet was almost non existent in Ilha Grande so we just had to wing it in Paraty.

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ILHA GRANDE: Little Big Island


The scene welcoming us as we approached the shore was just picture perfect. After catching a 3 hour bus from Rio and a ferry from Angra Dos Reis we had arrived on Ilha Grande – paradise! After quickly checking in to our accommodation, Poussada dos Meros, we ran back to the beach to take in all the beauty this island has on offer. I might have overworked my camera trying to capture everything, pointing and  screaming like a lunatic, repeating “Look babes, check this!” or “That is so gorgeous…” every 5 seconds!

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The madness continues: RIO DE JANEIRO Part 2

Rio de Janeiro

You don’t leave Rio without experiencing the crazy night life in Lapa. Streets are over packed with party lovers sipping ciapirinhas for as cheap as BRL5 from colourful pop up bars, dancing to the rhythm of the ever inviting samba.

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