ILHA GRANDE: Little Big Island


The scene welcoming us as we approached the shore was just picture perfect. After catching a 3 hour bus from Rio and a ferry from Angra Dos Reis we had arrived on Ilha Grande – paradise! After quickly checking in to our accommodation, Poussada dos Meros, we ran back to the beach to take in all the beauty this island has on offer. I might have overworked my camera trying to capture everything, pointing and  screaming like a lunatic, repeating “Look babes, check this!” or “That is so gorgeous…” every 5 seconds!

We stayed in the main village of Abraão where numerous shops, restaurants and tour operators are all within walking distance. Even though Ilha Grande is the third largest island in Brazil, most of the island in an uninhabited jungle. This once a tranquil hideaway has turned in to a big party island over the last few years. I must admit I was so glad to arrive during the off peak season as I can’t imagine  how the thousands of tourists arriving daily during the summer holidays fit on this already packed settlement.

There are only 3 motor vehicles allowed on entire the island – an emergency services vehicle/ambulance, a front end loader which doubles up as the waste disposal truck and the local police chief’s quadbike! The old police chief has a bushy grey mustache and a rather large stomach and I can’t imagine he sees much action on the island.

We weren’t really lucky with the weather. We got caught in some heavy storms almost the entire time while we were on the island except the day before we left. The sun came out to play so we enjoyed a boat tour on this jaw droppingly beautiful island. The boat stops at some stunningly clear blue and green lagoons, secluded pristine beaches and even a helicopter wreck off the coast for a bit of free-diving.

We could easily have stayed there much longer but the prices were really high and since there are no cash machines on the island, one should budget well before arriving. Sadly we hadn’t so had to leave after 4 days. Big boo… 😦

Since words are not enough to explain how gorgeous Ilha Grande is and pictures often say more than words, below is a collection of photos for you to enjoy.


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