PARATY and TRINDADE: Goodbye to the Brazilian beaches


Still feeling sad from having to leave Ilha Grande so soon, we took the ferry back to Angra Dos Rios and jumped on a bus to Paraty. After the 2 hour bus ride along the picturesque Brazilian coastline we arrived in Paraty’s bus terminal without having any accommodation sorted. The internet was almost non existent in Ilha Grande so we just had to wing it in Paraty.

For the first night we decided to check into the cheapest and closest hostel we could find and later walk around the town to find somewhere else if the first place wasn’t any good.  After checking in to Paraty Hostel, recommended by this guy at the bus terminal who we later found out works for the hostel, both of us simultaneously agreed that we had to find another accommodation for the following night. The bed did not look inviting, there was a rusty mould smell coming from the bathroom and the mosquitoes… they were like silent assassins that swoop down, give you a sneaky bite you and leave a little black dot that makes you want to scratch your arm off! Early the next day we checked out and moved to the Che Lagarto Hostel down the road. They were having an “all you can eat pizza” evening with some live music in the hostel! It was  worlds better than the previous place and we felt right at home. We also met some wonderful people and enjoyed a good night’s sleep in clean and fresh smelling bed sheets.

Paraty is a pretty old colonial town recognized for its “Historic Centre” where only pedestrians are allowed in order to preserve the old cobble stone streets and the historic sites. Thanks to this arrangement by the municipality all the buildings kept their colonial charm. Due to the close proximity of the town to the sea, several of the streets near the harbour become flooded when the tide comes in! The result has left some of the cobble stone streets so uneven it’s often a tricky walk and you can forget about riding a bike there! It’s also a beach town surrounded by beautiful islands and even more stunning beaches nearby.


Old Town, Paraty


Old Town, Paraty


We were informed by Andreos (Receptionist at Hotelinho de Urca in Rio de Janerio) that if we were ever make our way to Paraty we must visit Trindade. Oh boy, was he right!

Only a 30 minute bus ride from Paraty, the gorgeous little rustic village has white sandy beaches and is surrounded by Atlantic Rainforest. This sets the perfect scene for a tropical paradise and of course we fell in love with it’s beauty.

While I decided to lay on the beach soaking in the sun – it’s hard to believe that it’s winter in Brazil and I can get used to this!- Ian went for a hike on a bush trail to find the hidden natural pools of Cachadaço. We spent a peaceful afternoon listening to the sound of waves…


Natural pools of Cachadaço, Trindade


Beach at Trindade

Later that night we spent our last few hours walking around the old town and enjoying a nice dinner with live music. This was a perfect end to our Brazilian coastal stays. We will definitely miss the sandy beaches and crystal clear waters for a while…

Our next journey was an overnight bus to Sao Paulo then to catch another overnighter to Iguazu falls.


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