Quick in & out: SAO PAULO

Sao Paulo

When we decided to use Sao Paulo as just a stopover, we weren’t sure if we had made the right decision. Between our bus from Paraty and the bus to Iguazu that evening, we had a few hours to get out and explore the city.

First stop was the Catedral da Sé de São Paulo – SP’s main Metropolitan Cathedral. From there we wondered down to the Liberdade neighbourhood to see the lively weekend street market at Praca de Liberdade. It was a bit crazy but we managed to find some fine Asian cuisine to keep us going. Our last stop before heading back to the bus terminal was the Edificio Italia. A 41-story building in the centre of town which has the best panoramic views of the city.  It turned out that the roof terrace was closed to visitors on Sundays but we managed to get a sneaky peak through the glass windows next to the elevator on the top floor.

Looking out over the city, as far as you can see, there are countless concrete skyscrapers with almost no greenery whatsoever. That’s not the kind of city we’re looking for and not staying longer in Sao Paulo turned out to be a good decision.


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