The long way to IGUAZU FALLS

Iguazu Falls

17 hours on a bus is a long time… even for an overnight trip where most people usually sleep through the journey but there’s always a few that can’t… and, in this case, I was one of them. Since Ian is well known for his love of choosing a window seat to enjoy the view and magically falling asleep shortly after departing, I was once again left alone with a long night ahead and no one to talk to…

Luckily though, buses in Brazil are really comfortable offering either half reclining (Semi Leito) or full reclining (Leito) seats with leg rests and on board toilets. At the time of booking, there weren’t any Leito seats available so we went for the Semi Leito option which is still very comfortable. I’d definitely suggest to everyone who will be travelling around Brazil that they pay a little extra and go for the comfortable seats as it will make the whole journey way more pleasant, I promise!

We arrived in Foz do Iguaçu (The Brazilian border town near the Falls) around 5am and had originally planned to spend the first night there. However, we made a quick change of plans (as if we hadn’t spent enough time on the buses already!) and decided to catch another bus to move on to the Argentinian border town of Puerto Iguazu.

The journey from Brazil to Argentina was surprisingly easy and cheap (£1 per person)!  We took a 30 minute bus from the main inter-city bus station to the local bus station in Foz do Iguaçu and from there caught another bus towards Puerto Iguazu. After about 20 minutes we were at the Argentinian border for passport control and after quick and simple border checks, we jumped back on the bus and shortly arrived in the cute little town of Puerto Iguazu.

As per usual, we hadn’t booked any accommodation and we spent the morning walking around the town looking for a hostel. After checking out a few options we came across a little gem of a B&B – Crazy Summer.  This place not only had the cleanest rooms we had seen but also the cheapest nightly rate for a double room with private bathroom. Maybe the universe wanted to give us a treat after spending the 2 previous nights on buses without any decent sleep! 🙂

Mighty Iguazu Falls

After having slept like angels the previous night, we were ready to experience what is now one of the most memorable moments in our South America trip.  Taller than the Niagara Falls and twice as wide, the Iguazu Falls are split up by various islands into many separate waterfalls, some massive and others more tranquil. We visited the falls from the Argentinian side which allow you to get up very close to some of the waterfalls. One of the best known is Garganto del Diablo (Devil’s Throat) and I don’t think anyone could fully prepare themselves for the grand view and the roaring sound… it’s loud, massive and absolutely breath-taking!

At times like this, one realizes how wonderfully Mother Nature provides us with this beauty and all we need to do is stand back and enjoy the show in its rawest form.

Additional Information:

There are about 275 waterfalls in the Puerto Iguazu National Park and the Argentinian side of the falls provide a closer feel/look. Entry fee is 170 Argentinian pesos ( 2013 rates ) almost three times the residential rate and includes the short train rides in the park to the major falls. All the trails are nicely sign posted and can be easily walked in a day. There are also numerous excursions than can be booked at the bus terminal in Puerto Iguazu.


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