Photo Essay: Our epic journey to the altiplano and Salar de Uyuni Part 3


Our final day on this epic trip was spent on the fascinating Salar de Uyuni (World’s largest salt flat), the place Ian and I had been dying to see since we set off for our South America adventure.

We first made a beeline to the Incahuasi Island (also known as fish island) in the centre of the salt flats with giant cacti.

Salar de Uyuni

With its immense whiteness and bareness, salt flats take your breath away the moment you step on that vast land. You can spend hours and hours in this seemingly endless landscape admiring its raw beauty, During the rainy season, it turns in to a massive salt lake perfectly mirroring the sky making a wonderful photo opportunity for some surreal shots. Unfortunately, we were there during the dry season so spent our time taking fun pictures playing with perspectives instead.




Group photo of joy, take 17

Our last stop on this amazing trip was the train cemetery that looked like a big playground with all those rickety old trains..

Train cemetery

salt flats

When we got dropped off by the agency’s office in Uyuni, we were all exhausted from our 3 day trip but had the biggest smiles on our faces knowing that we experienced something extraordinary in the dreamy land of altiplano that welcomed us with its otherworldly landscapes. We were also very lucky to have shared this journey with our new friends Michela, Giovanni, Mercedes and Angel who, without a doubt, made the whole trip very special.

If you missed the part 2 in the series, you can read here.


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