LIMA: Short and Sweet


Lima Cathedral in the Plaza Mayor

Driving through central Lima in a cab felt like driving through a wormhole and into the future compared with all the small colonial towns and old city centers we had been staying in for the previous couple months.

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Lost city of the Incas: MACHU PICCHU


First rays of sun illuminating Machu Picchu

Perched high above the Urubamba river, nestled between two mountain peaks, Machu Picchu welcomes its visitors from dawn to dusk everyday of the year except during the month of February. It is one of the most famous archaeological ruins in the world and probably on most people’s bucket list and I can tell you, it’s rightly so.

Since its discovery by Hiram Bingham in 1911, there have been countless theories of how this site was built and why it was abandoned almost 500 hundred years ago. Yet, it still raises more questions than answers. It’s hard to imagine how this massive structure was built along the ridge of a mountain, the surrounding agricultural terraces were carved and most importantly how they carried huge stones and soil to an area with such limited accessibility in an age where no heavy machinery existed and without the use of any writing materials, architectural equipment. Hence, it continues to be an enigma.

I strongly believe that everyone who comes to visit will have a different feeling and understanding of this mysterious place. Read on for how we felt during our visit…

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Sillustani and our enlightening journey from PUNO to CUSCO


Adios Bolivia, hola Peru!

As a little introduction to Peru and the Incas we thought it’d be a good idea to book a tourist bus from Puno to Cusco which, as the guide explains, goes through a chronological journey starting from Pre-Inca times through the glory of the Inca civilisation and ending with the colonial influence of the Spanish as we neared our final stop in Cusco.

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A Photo Story: ISLA DEL SOL, the birth place of the Incas

Isla del sol

The children of the Sun were born on these lands

The island of the Sun (La Isla del Sol) is the most sacred place and the birthplace of the sun god and the Incas. According to the myths, it was here where the god Viracocha commanded the Sun and Moon to rise from the waters.Thus he became Sun God as well as Storm God. He then created the first human beings,  Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo and instructed them to educate the world.

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Being away from it all in the Amazon Jungle and Happy Birthday to me


Into the wild

“Babe, I’m so excited for our Amazon Jungle trip. It will be my best birthday ever!” was the last thing I said to Ian before we got picked up from Coroico by our tour company…

While choosing the tour company we opted for a slightly different itinerary as most people fly from La Paz to Rurrenabaque (the best place to experience the Amazon jungle in Bolivia) to start their tour there. Since we really didn’t want to go back along the Coroico – La Paz route again and there were no flights from Coroico to Rurrenabaque,  we looked for a different option, ideally leaving from Coroico. What surprised us the most was that out of hundreds of tour companies offering tours into the Bolivian Amazon, there was only one company organizing a tour from Coroico considering the bus route to Rurrenabaque goes directly through Coroico. After not having had many options with tour companies, we decided to go with Deep Rainforest.

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COROICO: A Little Oasis in Bolivia

BoliviaThe road leading to Coroico is definitely not for the faint hearted, even if it is now along a new paved road rather than the so called “Death Road”. However, the scenery that welcomes you is absolutely worth the journey… And this place was what the doctor had ordered after spending a day food poisoned in La Paz. Continue reading