COROICO: A Little Oasis in Bolivia

BoliviaThe road leading to Coroico is definitely not for the faint hearted, even if it is now along a new paved road rather than the so called “Death Road”. However, the scenery that welcomes you is absolutely worth the journey… And this place was what the doctor had ordered after spending a day food poisoned in La Paz.

Sol y Luna Ecolodge

La Paz

Woke up to this view every morning, total bliss!

One of the many reasons why we fell for Coroico so much was that we stayed at the wonderful Sol y Luna Ecolodge. This charming place, either a 20 minute walk or a short cab ride away from the town, offers spectacular views of the Cordillera of the Andes and is surrounded by subtropical forest. Yes, it did feel like we were in paradise for the week we stayed there.


Sleeping under the Milky Way…

So, we spent our days being spoilt by great views, having long walks exploring the flora around the lodge, sun bathing by the swimming pool (who could tell it’s winter in SA), attending numerous yoga classes, shopping for delicious organic vegetables from the market and cooking healthy food.

If we stayed a bit longer we might have never left…

La Paz

La Paz

La Paz

La Paz

La Paz

La PazSende Verde Animal Refuge


One of the days, we went to visit this Animal refuge which is set between two rivers in the heart of Yungas. We were greeted by the sound of exotic birds and very friendly staff. Macaws are wandering around aimlessly and spider monkeys welcoming us with curious looks. This sounds romantic but when we heard some of the stories about the conditions these animals were in before they were saved, it was terrifying. For instance, the macaws in the above picture can not fly as they had their wings clipped and were once held as showpiece in a restaurant tied to a table. Some of the animals they look after are critically endangered, like the spider monkeys, but it’s shocking to hear there is a big demand for them to be sold as pets. Sende Verde is a great place triyng to give these animals a secure place after a horrible start to life. When we were on the guided tour, we were told that they don’t receive any funds from the government so every little conribution will help towards this worthwhile cause. They also organize some educational programs to help prevent illegal animal trafficking. The world really needs more people like these volunteers (I wish we had the time to take part) and less of the idiots who commit such terrible acts with these beautiful wild animals.


Lunch time


How cute is this one!

We left Coroico feeling energized and ready for our next adventure, Amazon Jungle!


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