The Desert Oasis of SAN PEDRO DE ATACAMA


The little desert town of San Pedro De Atacama has quite naturally boomed into a tourists favourite for the vast wealth of exquisite natural beauty surrounding it. This now means there are now more hostels and tour operators than anything else and all are pretty much offering the same tours. The town itself is a little oasis in a rather desolate landscape with single story adobe houses lining the narrow dusty streets. It kind of has a festival feel to it with its colourful shops, cafes and bars frequented by the young easy going residents with dreadlocks being a common sight. The streets are packed with people and at times it’s hard to walk which almost feels like trying to get through the crowds to see you favourite band on stage. Continue reading


Bus journey through Paso de Jama from Salta to San Pedro de Atacama

Volcanoes on the AltiplanoWhen thinking of the bus ride from Salta to San Pedro de Atacama the following words and phrases come to mind; beautiful, long, incredible colours, foreign landscapes, gruelling! Continue reading