A speedy week before we come to an end to our South America Adventure


On the way to Cuenca

By staying in Vilcabamba much longer than we had planned, we had to skip a few places on our agenda to get to Bogota, Colombia in order not to miss our flight to London,UK. Of course, the crazy idea of not catching that plane and stay in South America came to mind several times but unfortunately that wasn’t feasible for us at the time as we had another flight to catch from London to start our adventures in a new continent, Asia, the week after.

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Finding the essence of travelling in VILCABAMBA


We all gave each other a victorious smile when we got off at our final destination after dark, after two exhausting days on the road. Having decided that we would check in the eco-lodge 2km outside the town the next day, we checked in a hostel in the center of the town for the night.

“Yes, we need celebratory drinks and good food!” we all cheered¬†when the lady at the reception recommended a family run pizzeria whose owner is a jolly 89 year old Italian lady. That night, we laughed with our new friends, told more stories about our lives and listened to the secrets of a long healthy life from Mama Silvia.

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Crossing over the long way round from Peru into Ecuador via LA BALSA


Not much happening around here…

After being drawn inland to the city of Chachapoyas by the mighty fortress of Kuelap we thought it would be more of an adventure crossing the border from Peru into Ecuador via the mountain road through La Balsa rather than go all the way back to Chiclayo and catch a bus up the coastal highway via Piura (the easy way).

Fortunately for us, during our two days in Chachapoyas we met up and became friendly with 3 Germans; Lisa, Marius and Jorn and Cassandra, an American girl, who were planning on heading up into Ecuador the same way we were too. They had been on the same tours with us in and around Chachapoyas and it turned out that the Germans were in fact staying right next door in the same hostel as us! So the decision to travel together was rather easy as we could share taxis and split the costs easier with 6 of us rather than going at it alone. The night we were set to leave we asked our hostel owner if they could organise for us a collectivo that could take the 6 of us to Jaen, the first leg of the 2 day journey. ¬†They put us contact with a Senor Sanchez and we made a plan to meet at 8am the following morning…

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